Sunday, 13 January 2013

English as you know it.

It took me about half an hour to find the "Create a New Post" button. And now, I found ye. Assalamualaikum. I am the boring Alia Hanini. Currently taking foundation of TESL in UiTM Alor Gajah and this is my last semester. This girl is trying so hard to spend her every last bits of precious time here, in Melaka. How? I haven't figured that one out yet but it'll come. 

Man, those days when I thought English was easy are definitely, undeniably, OVER. I remember when Ms. Mahirah asked any one of us to spell the word 'rendezvous'. I killed it alright. But knowing every letters in 'rendezvous' doesn't make my pointer goes any higher. It was drawn away from my expectation. Drawn far away. 'The cat drinks the milk'. You won't lay your eyes on such simple grammar here. Although they are used in a few examples. Roots of higher level of grammar. The heck was I thinking when I snapped my fingers and gave a smirk at my high school English papers while doing it. Those days are over.

Now, I'm on my bed, procrastinating as hard as I can from studying College Reading for test tomorrow. I didn't even have to study for my English papers. I have piles of files in my room now, though. For English only. Don't even get me started on MUET. I wish I had an accident and couldn't remember even the smallest piece of it. 

I know now where I stand but dude, I just want a proper job and get married and have lots of babies (okay, maybe just two) but to get just a 'proper job' needs education and sacrifice. Am I willing to sacrifice? Am I willing to give up my happiness for an education to get this 'proper job'? Yes. Yes, I am. I'm willing to do so. In the meantime I have to held my head up high and think about a caravan I will own someday. Believe it or not, I will travel the whole world (well, maybe across Asia) with my homies (my cats) and we'll poop together across the nation.

Okay, I really really have to go and study now. Till we meet again next time. Assalamualaikum. Don't forget Maghrib!