Friday, 13 January 2012

Ibu, you're old.

Yesterday on January the 12th was my ibu's birthday. But intensely it wasn't as hoopla as i thought it would be. My younger sister, Nina, bought a cake secretly for her 2 days before her birthday. She used mostly her bucks because i was broke....... kindda. Lol. Then the next day the cake had just arrived. It was a chocolate mousse cake. It was appetizing and mouthwatering. The taste was indescribable. Yeah nice selection. For an INFANT *envy* Ibu didn't even know about THE CAKE.

Little did we know that ibu went to Nina's room that night and put forth that she didn't want any cakes for her birthday. I was a bit disturbed and confused truthfully when Nina told me the story but i was like, "it's her birthday and there's gonna be some cakes goin' on". She was a bit down though because she used her money for that chocolate mousse. I kindda felt bad for her............ and that was an awkward situation i tell ya.

Ibu just got back from school and we found an envelope on the dinner table with a square filling in it as if there was a case. We opened it and there it was, a nice classic brooch or as people called it, pins. Ayah gave it to her and i was in an awe moment back there. I wished her birthday right away because i don't wanna be in an awkward situation where i'm the only one who didn't wish her. Honestly, i almost forgot her birthday because dude, she doesn't look any older. Haha. No heart feelings aite?

Ibu made an outcome that we should all have a nice dinner somewhere. I suggested The Gate Cafe because the ambiance was quite nice and cordial. Last time i went there was with my ex. Past is past.

Happy Birthday Ibu. I'm sorry i can't be the best daughter to you but i'm trying to. Nanti dah dapat kerja wa bagi ibu gaji wa kay kay. Tapi wa tak dapat bagi semua sebab wa nak sedekah dekat jalan Allah sikit. Kalau wa dapatlah kerja. Itu janji wa. I love you ibu <3