Monday, 9 January 2012

Finding a Job

Assalamualaikum. Frankly speaking my job hunt is finally over. Ya Allah it's soo hard and i ain't even lie. I'm seriously not kidding. Kfine. Don't believe me. Exactly at 2 pm, my bff's big sister, Kak Finaz came to pick me up with her dad's car. We promised to find a job together. How did i end up planning on a job hunt with her sister anyway? Well, it's all started when i complained that i didn't have a ride to go to work (if i even have one). Then Kak Finaz came up with the idea that we both go find a job together. In that way, i'll have my ride and she'll have company. Yeay! Everyone wins :D 

First we went to Giant's Guardian. It was anything but comfortable. My first time finding a job, whaddya know -,-" after that we went to Taiping Sentral and we applied for almost every shop there. Ahaks~ Kstop. Dear CB a.k.a Cik Bibior, you look so bulat today and i like it. Aummmmmmm. Lol.

And now i'm currently waiting for any phone calls by unknown number that may be listed in my call list. Wish us all the best yawwww. 24/7 yawwwwwwww. K HAHA. Kbye assalam.